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Contributions Page….!!!!!

We are in immediate need of an electrical construction box used on new contruction projects.

This video below is our currently chosen plans for a first building goal in Coaldale, NV. We hope yu enjoy it as much as we do!

[jwplayer mediaid=”1784″]


The top header photo is our Airstrip at our Coaldale, Nevada Site.
The following photos are of some work being done on site and some trivia pursuit of possible plans.

We made a current list of items that we can think of now. Updates will be made available as our creative outlook improves.

A little guidance to use the information of this page. After the photos and the list. We discuss  how to get items to us if you are not in the immediate area.

Last but not least, ‘contributing financial credits’. We are unable to give you a tax write-off  receipt for any donations of this kind as we are not a 501(3c) organization.

We may even barter or trade, given the opportunity for that discussion.


After a needs assessment of a series of stages we could bring the project through. 10525_1237253857515_1414312703_716422_3982853_nThis is what we came up with so far.

Current Status

2 people are perodically on the site and beginning cleanup.

We believe we have one good size room that could fit 20+ people comfortably. That Tim & Jeff volunteered their time & what little resources  they had to accomplish so much in a few days. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to both of them.

Needs Categories

Sledge hammers
Any air tools, lines , extensions,  staples or sockets
Standard or Metric tools
Ladders (all sizes)
Electrical Extention Cords.

Trailers (for hauling both on and off the site)
Trailers that will be dedicated to water hauling 500 gal tanks.
Work Trucks (on & off the site)
Earth Grader/LevelerOuthouses
Water Filtering Systems.
Farming Tractors
Various Types of Fencing.
5 Gal. Buckets

PVC Pipe (various Sizes)
Nails (8 & 16 penny nails and some finishing nails)
DC batteries/Chargeable DC Batteries
Chargers for DC Batteries
Flash Lights
Paint Mixer sticks
Wood 2×4’s
Wood 2×6’s
Windows & Frames

Large Black Plastic Rolls (large enough to cover places in the roof from moisture  until we decide how much effort & cost in restoring)

Please click to select the specific fund (Flower of Life Festivals or Flower of Life Assembly)  to Donate to:

Very Important! Be sure and select the correct fund account!

By clicking on the check box marked, “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund“. will place your donation into the correct fund.

Other minor cost details include driving arrangements and other dba filings relevant to the trust along with an initial amount bank account amounts.

In the Contribution of various sized items in regards to shipping/retrieval

If you are considering wanting to help in some way and are not sure how your going to get it to us. Or if your not sure even if we can use it. Please leave a comment in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as I am able..

If by any chance your interest goes further than  this Contribution page. Please leave a simple comment so that I will at least have some way to contact you.

Regarding credit gifting. Flower of Life Assembly  or Flower of Life Festivals,  either one are not a 501(3c) corporate non-profit. Your gifting will not be able to be written off on your tax forms.

However, Trust Partnerships can be made available on various projects on our site.  These kinds of partnerships will allow both parties to operate within their own jurisdictions without crossing jurisdictions and yet share intellectual property and resources for any chosen project on our site. And can also be used for different transitional events involving processing of resources from one jurisdiction to another.