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The Oath: Would you stand with someone who has taken this oath?

This is the kind of Oath I would feel like taking as member in our assembly. I still may have a couple of things, but this is the first draft.

Any additions or corrections will be accepted for review by the whole.

I promise to give unconditional acceptance to all assembly members.

I promise to be gentle with all their hearts.

I promise to allow them to have access to my heart.

I promise to tell the full truth even when it’s sometimes scary to do so.

I promise to put effort into learning how everyone most likes to be listened to, and then listen to them in that way as often as I can.

I promise to love and support them when they need it, and lovingly encourage them when they need it. With due consideration to having developed that kind of relationship.

I promise that I will make myself as emotionally fulfilled as possible in my own life, in order that I can show up as my best self for the relationship I have with the Assembly & it’s members.

I promise to be aware of, and own, my own emotional triggers and to never hold anyone responsible for my emotional response to things.

I promise to not waste precious time or energy worrying about who to place blame on. It gets us nowhere and it distracts from our collective goal of coming back to a place of love and connection.

I promise to acknowledge that any assembly member is not their past… and I am not my past… and although we likely have some residual habits that have been brought with us from that past, we can choose a new way if that way doesn’t work for us.

I promise to assume that everyone has the best of intentions.

I promise to assume that everyone is always coming from a place of love.

I promise to love and accept every side of everyone and all of their emotions, moods, and insecurities.

I promise to support them in their chosen path, passions and anything else that makes them happy.

I promise to continually put effort into my relationships with Assembly members.

I promise to make distractions-free connection time a priority on a regular basis.

I promise to have a one-on-one contact with at least one Assembly member once every month, no matter how busy or stressful life becomes until finally located on the project site. And to find and approach to apply the skills I have and to develop new skills when ever possible/necessary  to promote the accepted Flower of Life Community Plan as part of my acceptance into the Assembly.

I promise to always be open to talking about anything in regard to our health & well being , no matter how challenging certain conversations might be to have.

I promise to always look for how others might be hurting in the moments when they fall upon trying times or have feelings of indifference & seem to not have time for me.

I promise to never hold any of assembly relationship hostage or  threaten our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual  partnership in any way.

I promise to always cherish my relationship with the Assembly and it’s Members. And to celebrate it as the safe container for growth that it is.

I promise to always want to learn to feel safe, comfortable and acknowledge the Eternal Divine Spirit as possible in each member of the Assembly. In so loving each other and we love the most high our focus to dedicate ourselves to the support & development of the conscious awakening of the Divine Spirit within all of us and all mankind.

promise to love the earth and sun and great spirit over all. And honor them and that my love for them will train my focus to bring every thought and action into submission to service to the source within and giving back to nature/earth that birthed us into being in such a way as to honor both our spirits

I promise to honour the royalty of my soul and lay claim to all it’s abundance it offers my life.

Regarding all of the aforementioned statements, I acknowledge that when I say “never” or “always”, I will inevitably make mistakes. I am human, and I am not perfect. But I promise to always do my best and to promptly acknowledge when I have erred .

I promise to be self reliant, self governing, self correcting and support others that want to be that way.

I promise to support those that after a year, have for whatever reason, decided to move on and have kept track of their time credits. Will have all unused time credits returned. Or when available, in a currency of their choosing.

And above all else, I promise to love & support each Assembly member as I would love myself. In such a way that will not be a determint to myself or my family beyond that which they can bare. I also promise not to judge the decisions of others and how they choose to carry that out.

With Much Love & Respect.

James ,  …

Thirteenth Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly 06/14/2015

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Sunday at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)

FYI only and will be  discussed during the meeting.
(1994) Slides are high voltage photography  (Index finger) on the end of a high day meditation.

Additional photos of Tony Apollo (R.I.P.) from the Philippines  — Psychic Surgeon


Opening General Meeting for Flower of Life Assembly.

We will take a 60 sec. moment of silence.

Moderator will speak after 60 sec is complete: “This Meeting is now Open is Peace”

Old Business.

1.) We were being placed in a vote from Vegas Psytrance for the MoonPhase Festival. They had lost their original place to have the festival. Even though we didn’t get the vote, we got more votes than expected. We are in the conversation. I have details on working with Vegas Psytrance.

2.) Trust is going through some transformation. Will have more information at the time of the call.

3.) Still working on Getting to Vegas via Motorhome to promote the project.

4.) Water well still needs to be tested. I have a solution to this & the power box that can be taken up in New business.

5.) Still need a ‘Construction Power box’ to be able to turn the power on.

6.) Sent out an email with this video in it by David Logan on Tribal Leadership (TEDx)

I think this would be good to know how other people view the idea of wanting to accomplish something amazing. He makes specific comments in regards to the attainment of the 5th level of tribal leadership.

In his words , the one stipulation that is made to acquire the 5th level, you must be very stable with the group in level 4, before moving the entire group on tot he next level.

Rather than to explain level 4, watching the video will be so much easier. A lot of good information to know about and I think it is only 18 mins.

New business

1.) Have invited Karen Sontag, who in her own personal time is a Spiritual Life Coach & studies Law. Ed Ylst, Karen & Joanne Frazzi created & designed WeFreePeople.Org. Joanne Frazzi was the web master in charge. Have also invited Peter McCoy from Radical Mycology, who has been on a call with us before. Last but not least, Carole Michaella author of “I am the Power” and is also a spiritual life
coach. Her web site is Unbeknownst to Carole, she has been instrumental in helping me find my spiritual rudder on this project.

Ed Ylst is the trustee for S&N Trust, which is the owner of record for Coaldale, NV.

2.) I am hoping to use the video by, David Logan on Tribal Leadership to be able to have a framework in which to form our concepts in all that we wish to accomplish with our project. In my mind, pursuing this discussion is important.

There is not audio recording to pipe into the call and there are a few visual effects that inspire the conversation. It will be well worth the 18 minutes.

3.) I would like to discuss the proposal Vegas Psytrance made to me in regards to the festivals he would like to create at our site.

4.) Question involving the trust. Should we make an Oath for each assembly member that wants a seat in our assembly?

5.) Question: This is a very important piece of the project and I would like to discuss the value of wanting this kind of arrangement.

Found at:

5.a.6.) Of the (25) families we need at least one doctor. Yes, we are looking for that jewel of an individual that has experience in Nevada with at least Licensed GP status with a primary focus on Holistic healing. We need that interface with main stream medical. We have the capability of having our own airport after maintenance & repairs which we will notify FAA to re-open it for use. And will be used for medical emergencies. This individual will need to able to provide a report that will help design our own medical center with a primary focus on Holistic healing given the proper financial parameters and comparison/competitive remarks regarding main stream healing practices. Subject data of healing practices will be recorded. However, all privacy requests will always remain.

There are many levels of healing and to be able to provide current observation practices and document patient progress will also allow us a cross section of healing practices to document/identify the most functional techniques.

Scientifically designed Comparison studies can be prepared for various scientific communities which in turn will allow for the creation of an insurance company that conceivably mainstream well designed holistic healing methods.

In other words, we can take all doubt out of the use of holistic healing methods can be far superior to current main stream healing techniques. And far less costly.

6.) Subject no. 5 can be directly related to the need for not only effective permaculture, but also an inspired individual solely dedicated to Herbal medicine.

At one point, some of us are going to have to be proficient enough both conceptually & technically, to be able to decide on the right individual for the job.

This individual needs to work with a agriculturalist/resident permaculture expert for the development of a plethora herbal/plant remedies. Indicating what ground/soil preparations need to be made for all the various plants & foods. Collect the data in such a way that others can use it easily.

This would also mean we would want our own laboratory which goes a long way to having anything we want professionally tested can be done on site.

I consider all that I have spoken of above as the ground work & framework in which I want to portray the spiritual healing portion of the work. To be carried out in the same professional manner our local doctor would carry out their duties. With bedside manor & soothing to the patient.

A retreat for stay over patients that can absorb a healing life style are also in the plans.

There is enough land base in the project to position the retreat portion of the project where it is less affected by late night sounds. However, let us not forget that at times, a festival could be a healing event to some patients. Let us create joy in our lives and others.

The Wellness Center needs to provide three main functions. 1.) a place to have lectures & training classes. ( a place for the entire community to meet) 2.) A sanctuary for Meditation. 3.) Administration for processing/scheduling patients, lectures, classes & students. The operation needs to be designed in such a way as to be completely self sustaining.

The sleep over cabins should be placed on the property in such a way as to surround (be in close proximity of) the Wellness Center.

A budget must be set aside for this to be accomplished.

Todate, the entire project has not been talked about in any depth. And that it should be thought of as any one leg of the project I am proposing can be a tipping point to make the rest of the project workable.

Additional legs of the project: can be discussed at the following meetings.

An ‘IT’ department will connect the entire project together.

Home schooling resource center.

Development of a Holistic Hospital.

Development of the relationships of the 4 county area in regards to farming a feedstock capable of providing ethanol fuel for residents in the 4 county area.

Development of a solar energy contract that will provide free energy to all of Coaldale and discounted rates to the same 4 county area.

Please feel free to ask anyone you would like to join us. If you like we can introduce them during our open floor discussion.

Time for questions. Followed by Open Floor discussion.

Open Floor discussion ( synergistic conversation )

Meeting closes with a 60 sec moment of silence

Music will begin and people may leave at their leisure.

Meeting is now closed.

 [jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”612″]

Additional comments by the Webmaster.

Learning to hold an actual assembly and what can be done with that level of organization.

Being in the moment I saw a motor home for sale I think I could get into if the price is right.

Plus, I am working to put together a flyer. I have had my eye on several organisations and meetups that I think I would be welcome to.

For me it is a bit ironic easing into my own idea that this city we want to build is a spiritual journey.

This post for the blog, has a complete playlist of all the calls. The twelfth call is the first call in the playlist.

This has been one of the best calls that happened in a serendipity way, which defined the entire project.

From a thoughtful position attempting to take as many different threads & parameters that go to make up the project. I know for some there will be a few boring spots.

However, the weaving serves well to define the long term idea of a natural cross training occurring as our language and perception improves from being in group discussions at many levels.

Patience will yield interesting nuggets of info when listening to the recording that can create an environment of cross training at almost every level. Transparency would be a natural result without ever creating a fuss. That’s just from a physical point of view. What if we can take into consideration the spiritual, mental & emotional cross training that it takes to learn/know how to live in peace.

I just want to point out the obvious and get it out of the way. We have to learn how to do that.

It is going take the spiritual way to show the way to others. Someone has to break the ice on living what we preach. Bringing order through self empowerment.

Phoenix, Ed & I are the only ones on the call. Phoenix, in all honesty, may explain the project better than I do. It’s 3 hour recording, but I am hoping you will appreciate our growth in how we speak about our project. (Ed is the trustee of S&N Trust which is the owner of record of Coaldale, NV.)

I am sure many of you in your travels you have experienced many portions of this conversation in some form or another. With all those principles being gathered into place and to easily create a laboratory where we can finally see what it would be like to live in a city based on the level of thinking begun in the recording. A city based of ‘Peace’ & spiritual self empowerment.

In that same playlist and the second call in the list is a 3D video presentation addressing the design of our chosen city center.

It has a kitchen that can feed 150 at a time with seating. It has service for as many as 300 people w/ laundry room. Perfect for an R/V Event park. It has 12 guest rooms. And a complete admin area.

We are looking for ways to get the message out. If there are any ideas that you could help with or discussions, would be greatly appreciated. I believe that many do appreciate this as much as I do. We could truly create peace as a practice not just theory. Personally, I think that would be a lot of fun creating abundance at that level! Baby Steps……..


James, …

Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh & Twelfth Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly

Screenshot from Open Source Duplicable Eco-City Center - One Community.mp4Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Sunday at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)


[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”612″]

The New City Center

[jwplayer mediaid=”1784″]


Photos of the site on FaceBook!

Coaldale Court Yard Rooms

Coaldale Court Yard

Coaldale Airstrip

Feb.. 6th 2015 Coaldale Road trip.

One of the wells at the site.

Coaldale II Road Trip Jan, 29th 2015

Natural Wonders of Coaldale, Nevada.

Nahko – Great Spirit w/Lyrics

This is our standard

Coaldale Expectations

The ideals for Coladale are

We are in Peace and act in Peace.

We act in Truth to continue Peace.
We come together to help each other.

Individual Expectations

Getting along with others.
Not making trouble or creating problems for others.
Do no harm.

Trust Participation Qualifications:

Trust main purpose is for people to act in Harmony in Peace.

Caring for your self and others brings joy to all.
Caring for one another is an important vital step forward.

Fine print:

To be able to demonstrate in the spirit of adapting to each member in a way that can reflect unconditional acceptance. To embrace our diversity in a way that unites and not divides.

If any disagreements and/or ruffled feathers occur during our growing process, we MUST ask that they be adequately resolved beforehand.

Seventh & Eighth Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly – 01-04-2014

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Sunday at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)

All 7 calls todate are in the playlist in reverse order. (Newest is first)
[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”612″]

Sixth Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly – 12-21-2014

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Sunday at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)

All 5 calls todate are in the playlist in reverse order. (Newest is first)
[jwplayer player=”2″ playlistid=”612″]

Forth & Fifth Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly – 12-14-2014

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!
Sunday at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)

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Posted Facebook Event

Agenda Items:

Old Business:

Review the over all picture after not being together for  couple of weeks.

One of the things talked about that was looking hopeful as a problem solving technique to be able to turn a ping from a drone into a 3D image of the property with a current elevation map. Which leads us to making a list of different structures needed or envisioned.  Much of this was prompted by McKenzie during our gathering. Thank you McKenzie! The next morning Eric, Bobbi Jo and I were talking and came up with the ping idea.46898878

Basic structures:

Healing center
Welcome gate
Place for Vendors
Place for seminars (Yoga, Lectures)
Placement of Tent Pads
Placement of RV Pads (Hookups-Sewer-Power)
Temporary living quarters (Assembly Members-Volenteers-Vendors)

Festival Centre – Actvities enjoyed by all (Amphitheatre – Band Shell)
This will be by far the largest area.

Our own food growing area.
Major Crops area.
Planned living areas.
Ideal placement of the Wellness Centre.
Retreat area for Wellness Centre Clients.
(Living quarters suitable for 1 day  -to- 1 month stays.)
Mystic Garden Areas
(With the eventual placement of strategically placed outdoor terminals capable of scrolling through our entire database of spiritual initiation throughout every culture & age). Timing permitting, a prelude to the Wellness Centre.

Third Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly – 11-23-2014

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Posted Facebook Event

11-09-2014 First week’s Conference call! (there is a silent spot about 1.25-2 mins in. It will pass.


11-16-2014 Second week’s Conference call!


I find this a good time to express my humble appreciation for our spirit brothers, that for centuries. kept telling us about the harmony with nature was a more pure & richer way to live our lives.

Much like the music your are about to listen to, you will hear the mixing of the types of musical instruments that is a blending of both our cultures that make some very beautiful & special music. May the blending of our song continue.

Sacred Spirit – (1994) Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans [Full Album]

Second Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly – 11-16-2014

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Posted Facebook Event

11-09-2014 Last weeks Conference call! (there is a silent spot about 1.25-2 mins in. It will pass.


Original Post


Each community project will be managed by a group of experts in that respective field

  1.     Recycling of the rubbish dump – using the income for the community kitchen
  2.     Community kitchen – to feed the orphans, the aged and the homeless
  3.     Community food gardens and growing enough food for all our people all year round
  4.     Re-activating the vandalised food growing garden and strawberry farm
  5.     Mushroom cultivation – one of the big halls at the fish farm – this will provide more mushrooms than our town can consume and will generate good income for the community
  6.     Growing seedlings and nursery – with primary school children learning new skills – beautifying our town with these plants and trees – fruit trees and nut trees for growing food along the streets and in the parks
  7.     Dairy – production of milk; cream; butter and cheese – export our cheese and butter
  8.     Bakery – get a master chef to train our bakers to bake many kinds of breads for our people and distribute to Mpumalanga
  9.     Learning Centre for adults and children – Providing alternative learning of skills for life including computer programming, welding, woodwork, sewing, etc
  10.     Arts & Crafts Studio – involving the aged to do pottery, weaving, fabrics, sewing, knitting, clothing, shoemaking and more
  11.     Music School – with a variety of instruments available for students
  12.     Restoring the vandalised town hall for educational film screenings – Musical performances , talent contests, theatrical shows, literacy training and more
  13.     Wood and timber factory – incorporating a saw mill and training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more
  14.     Metal factory – incorporating a training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more
  15.     Manufacturing of various building materials – bricks, tiles, wood, windows, and more
  16.     Community laboratory to create healthy cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste using the knowledge of our traditional healers
  17.     Upgrading of our hospital – inviting volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world to come help out and share their knowledge and skills with our own healers and medical people
  18.     Manufacturing of Oxygenated Water – to provide the hospital and distribute around to heal our people – oxygenated water has shown to cure many diseases
  19.     Creation of public parks and recreational areas – including the upgrading and activation  – stimulating tourism
  20.     Tourism – Upgrade existing tourism attractions like the tunnel and introduce several new and exciting tourism attractions to benefit our people. Involve the community in this process
  21.     Upgrading and maintaining all the sporting facilities – including the swimming pool – and a community fitness centre/gym. Creating a healthy environment of sport and recreation with regular competition between teams for public participation and enjoyment
  22.     A local Radio Station at the community hall to inform and entertain our people
  23.     Fish Farm – Our fish farm can produce more than a million fish per month, create many jobs and feed our entire town and create abundance from exports. It has come to our attention that the fish farm has been sold or given to the NOKA developers and that they want to demolish the fish farm to build a shopping centre. This would be a great pity since this fish farm should serve the community. A shopping centre can be built anywhere without the destruction of a valuable asset of the people. We strongly oppose the destruction of the fish farm at all cost.  The fish farm should be one of the cornerstones of our community and our community projects.

I just wanted to share the call I was on with the Ubuntu Council of Elders USA. We have some very intense discussions.


Ubuntu Party USA Council of Elders #4 11/6/14

Please keep in mind video below and just for grins the thought dawned on me that, what if we could create a video game and call it, ‘The World of Peace Craft”. How awesome would that be?

This video should be enjoyable for all that are interested in designing/creating/maintaining/managing festivals with the head-liner called, ‘Healing Modalities’.

What was really interesting to me is the crescendo the video reached when the group is recanting the various phases they went through to finally reach a place in the maturing design experience. When it finally dawned on them after a series of failures, let’s just simply say exactly what we want and what we feel about what we want.

My idea as a goal of design is to keep our spiritual eyes on abundance. I can offer a lot of background information for the idea I am about to propose. So, i’ll give it to you straight up and explain more later in a more appropriate venue, such as our conference calls.

I would to see a history of various levels of spiritual initiation. As far back in history we can. One of the primary focus on this genre, is self-initiation.

A set of architecturally designed structures and walkways with additional gardens could grace & define very carefully our intent & goals for the festivals and the community. Typically to represent the 7 chakra system.

When we do our job well, an initiation could actually occur, with the right individual and the proper timing. In doing it with safety in mind, an individual could also be there that is not ready and may feel something and that could start them on their way to learning more about themselves. There many levels of science that can demonstrate that we live in a vibrational universe.

We are not a religion. However, that does not rule out ‘Spirit Science’ or ‘Sacred Geometry’! In fact, more of that on the conference call.

Consider the different comments and make note of the various attitudes that each individual has to say about the project and it’s various levels of progress.

Even the way in which they talked about their project and the market timing involved and the conditions in the market at the time/during as they release their product.

I think there could some joyous/fun similarities in designing our festivals.

Namaste…!!! <> James….

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary

The following video is the purest & simplest form of the understanding of MasterMind that I know is out there. I have listened to this several times and I suspect I will be listening to it more as time wears on.


Mastermind moment with Abraham




First Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly.

flower_of_life_cube5Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900
Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

I, James Di’Leo who created the web site Republic of Nevada & Occupy-Our-Courts Web Sites Is asking you join us in observing our new project by accompanying us on our new series of conference calls.

Guides for the Conference call to day.

I have taken all the knowledge learned in those experiences of about the power of your assembly and applying what has been gained to take the town of Coaldale, Nevada and apply the knowledge of assemblies not only to teach others but to create monthly festivals to turn that city into a city of abundance on all levels.

I know it has been a while since our last communication. There is a lot of catching up to do. I am hoping you will join us on our call and I can share with all of you what I have learned in the last few years. We all have the common bond to be free from the fetters of life and to apply all that we know to become unchained from all the false precepts that hold us in life patterns that would suggest that we are not free.

Subjects covered:”The development of a healing community”,
“How Ubuntu Stacks up with Flower of Life Assembly”,
“Founding Principles”,
“Founding Fathers”,
“Mystery Schools Throughout the Ages”,
“And what does that have to do with the Flower of Life Assembly?”,
“Why do I use the idea of Assembly over any other formation?”

Stop by and find out what’s happening on this new project.

Chaplin Raymond is still teaching classes and is making awesome progress. Please check out the document his “Jural Society of Texas” created and was sent to the 5 top offices of Texas. Starting with Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas!

I have placed the document in this link Texas Jural Society-Preservation-of-Peoples-Reserved-Powers-Notice-to-Texas-Officials-in-Austin-Distribution for your review. I am so proud to be his student. This will be discussed on the call.

Check out our most recent Jural Activities. Click Here!

There is a new kid on the block.  Michael Tellinger author of UbuntuUbuntu Contributionalism has also created the Ubuntu Party. Which has a presence in over 200 countries.

Please click the pic and you can review the material. A great book that we can all learn from. A scientist and researcher of Ancient Civilisations has suggested tha the very idea of competition was created and money exacerbating competition into greed. I think most of us have had our fill of that particular vice.

I have a review of that organization here

Have a great day and I hope we can share with you on our call.

With Much Love and Respect!

James Di’Leo
WebMaster Of:

Please check other partner sites

The Festivals – Disscussions for our Creativity To Take Place.

I think the author of what I am about to write was the Dali Lama. “It will be the Western woman that will change the world. 10432490_702755049789519_2845149717551188181_nWhat I know of that statement is the fact that I have believed for many years now.

It would be my intention to keep that fact in mind when we design the festivals to our specifications.  I yield to any call to wellbeing and cherish my source.

The following videos start with the Beauty of Yoga. Followed by a ‘Breath of Zen’. Ending with an Oriental rendition of the ‘Drum’.

Of all the positions and moves our beautiful yoga instructor demonstrates I have not mastered the head stand or the splits.

Please Like,  Subscribe, Comment & Share!


*Note This is the example I am working off of as a template.

Email from David Bryson:

To: james (nospace) dileo ‘at’ msn dot com

From: evolve2012 ‘at’ gmail dot com

Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 09:52:02 -0400

Subject: EVOLVEFEST 2014 Schedule AT-A-GLANCE

Hi James

2014 Bands/Yoga Teachers/ Workshop Facilitators/ Healers

Fri. Music:

~Wynne Paris and Friends
~Beautiful Chorus
~Brother Bear and Family
~Catherine Moon’s Mystical Kirtan
~Cosmic Village

Fri. Yoga Classes:

~”Life is too Short to Live Shitty ” Vinyasa Flow w/Becca Pati
~Four Legged Warriors w/Ariel Flood
~Heart Opening w/Kendra Renzoni

Fri. Workshops:

~Tesla Tech Demonstrations w/ Tesla Science Foundation
~FireDrumDance Workshop w/Michael Reddy @ Bonfire
~”Hearing the Divine Call w/Rasamayi”
~The Golden Path: Crystal Energy and Therapeutic Art Experience w/Sarah Murray and Michael Wann

~ AUM Alchemy Workshop w/Rasamayi
~Hoop-Dance Basics w/Karlie Dean
~Millennial Chess w/Richard Burton
~Intro to Poi w/Kate Menet

Fri.Healing Village:

~ 5th Element Sound Healing Booth w/Paradiso and Rasmayi
~Chakra Shower – Transformational Healing Sessions with Kusudamas w/Dimitriy and Asya

~Beautiful Chorus Harmony Tent
~ Soul to Sole Reflexology w/ Carla Poluha
~The Amethyst BioMat w/Amber Hannah
~Reiki-Reflexology Combinations w/Sarah Lamb
~Tibetan Singing Bowl and Sitar Bath w/Damion Bond and Brett Zwerdlow


Sat. Music:

~I Yahn I Arkestra
~Paradiso and Rasamayi
~Suzin Green and Daniel Johnson Kirtan
~Out of the Beardspace
~Universal Rebel

Sat. Yoga Classes:

~Chakra Mantra Gong Meditation with Kundalini Yoga w/Mohinder Singh

~Explorations in Aerial Yoga w/Rachel and Ulysses Wilson
~”GET LIT” – A Meditative Vinyasa Flow w/Becca Pati
~Roadmap To The Hips w/Malissa Whited
~OCCUPY ME: A Play (that’s also a yoga class) w/Bronwyn Steinberg

~The Drop Becomes The Ocean: Entering, Sustaining Samadhi w/Harshada

~Shakti Naam Yoga Therapy w/Christopher Ananda
~Chakra Mantra Gong Meditation with Kundalini Yoga w/Mohinder Singh

~A Wild Feminine Yoga Play: Dance With Your Shadow w/ Devi Moonbow

Sat. Workshops:

~Breaking Bank w/Jack McCaig
~Tesla Tech Demonstrations w/ Tesla Science Foundation
~Panel Discussion: UBUNTU Planet~ How Our Collective Wisdom Can Reshape Our World

~Forage and Feast Plant Walk w/Sarah Murray
~Meet Your Bowl-mate w/ Rasamayi~ Healing Village – 5th Element Booth Healing Village

~Medicine Wheel with One Voice, One Prayer
~The Art and Practice of Kirtan w/Wynne Paris and Michelle Infinity
~Dolphin Brain Re-Patterning w/Rev. Marcelle McGovern
~Voice of the Trees: The Making of a Native-American Style Flute w/Matthew Fallon

~ Unconventional Hoop Isolations w/Karlie Dean
~Activate and Anchor the Divine Child w/Alexis Petrin
~The Red Tent and The Brotherhood of Man : A Sacred Gathering of Men and Women w/ Carla Poluha

Sat. Healing Village:

~ 5th Element Sound Healing Booth w/Paradiso and Rasmayi
~Beautiful Chorus Harmony Tent
~Chakra Shower – Transformational Healing Sessions with Kusudamas w/Dimitriy and Asya

~ Soul to Sole Reflexology w/ Carla Poluha
~Tibetan Singing Bowl and Sitar Bath w/Damion Bond and Brett Zwerdlow

~The Amethyst BioMat w/Amber Hannah
~Reiki-Reflexology Combinations w/Sarah Lamb


Sun. Music:

~Elijah Ray and Band of Light
~Paradiso and Rasamayi
~Black Dirty
~Matty Carl Project
~Amore One
~One Voice, One Prayer Kirtan
~Jai Ma Kirtan

Sun. Yoga Classes:

~Chakra Mantra Gong Meditation with Kundalini Yoga w/Mohinder Singh

~Explorations in Aerial Yoga w/Rachel and Ulysses Wilson
~”Fly Up” Beginner w/Abigail Boehm
~Planting Positive Seeds Vinyasa w/Becca Pati
~Supersonic Savasana with Mark D
~Social Yoga That Connects w/Richard Brook
~Artistic Yoga w/Ma Shakti Devi
~Chakra Mantra Gong Meditation with Kundalini Yoga w/Mohinder Singh

Sun. Workshops:

~Sui Juris Law Foundational Cornerstone w/Rob Johnson
~”Get Your GodDess On!!!”: Reclaiming our Sexual Sovereignty w/Lisa Vunk

~Tesla Tech Demonstrations w/ Tesla Science Foundation
~Forage and Feast Plant Walk w/Sarah Murray
~E^3: Explorations in Evolutionary Expression w/Lyca Mikhael
~Shifting Frequencies Workshop w/Paradiso and Rasamayi~Healing Village

~Unconventional Hoop Isolations w/Karlie Dean
~Unlocking Your Psychic Potential w/Jennifer Sodini
~Celtic Breathwork: Stirring the Cauldron w/Molly Stanton
~Let Your Wild Man Breath: A Class For Men w/Harshada
~Kusudama: a Portal into the Subtle World w/ Asya & Dmitriy
~Wisdom Reading with the Tarot w/Perry Kroeger
~You Are The Dormant Christ w/Keith Clampton
~Sacred Tools: Explore, Discover and Play in your own Energy Field w/Michael Wann

Sun. Healing Village:

~ 5th Element Sound Healing Booth w/Paradiso and Rasmayi
~Tibetan Singing Bowl and Sitar Bath w/Damion Bond and Brett Zwerdlow

~Chakra Shower – Transformational Healing Sessions with Kusudamas w/Dimitriy and Asya

~Beautiful Chorus Harmony Tent
~ Soul to Sole Reflexology w/ Carla Poluha
~The Amethyst BioMat w/Amber Hannah
~Reiki-Reflexology Combinations w/Sarah Lamb


Mon. Music:

~David Newman (Durga Das)
~The Skys
~Beautiful Chorus
~Kai Shanti’s Shakti Evolution
~Bendy Effect
~Karmic Repair Company
~Brother Bear and Family
~Elijah Ray and Band of Light
~Harnam and Ramdesh

Mon. Yoga Classes:

~Chocolate Spirit Yoga: Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Loving Yoga Flow w/Sonja Lokensgard

~”Learning to Sit in Your Sh*t” Vinyasa of Self-Love w/ Becca Pati
~”Fly Up” Advanced w/Abigail Boehm And Suzin Green/Daniel Johnson Kirtan

~Explorations in Aerial Yoga w/Rachel and Ulysses Wilson
~Big Heart Meditation w/Harshada
~Laughter Yoga: Releasing Your Inner Joy w/Beth Bongar
~Meditation and the Body-Mind Connection w/Richard Brook
~The Central Channel: Tadasana of Each Limb w/Kendra Renzoni

Mon. Workshops:

~The Elements of Thai Massage w/Damion Bond
~Sacred Economy w/Michael Reddy
~ AUM Alchemy Workshop -or- AUM Tuneup w/ Paradiso and Rasamayi

~ Forage and Feast Plant Walk w/Sarah Murray

~One Plant Spirit Medicine – DoTERRA essential oils workshop w/Rasamayi

~BAMBOO: Gift Of The Gods w/Matthew Fallon
~Quantum Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop with doTERRA
~Eye-Gazing Meditationw/Tasha Greenwood
~Cognitive Hoop Therapy and Fitness w/Lexi Jade
~Visioneering: Discovering the Path Between Dreams and Reality w/Scott Love

~Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Senses w/Harshada

Mon. Healing Village:

~Beautiful Chorus Harmony Tent
~ 5th Element Sound Healing Booth w/Paradiso and Rasmayi
~Chakra Shower – Transformational Healing Sessions with Kusudamas w/Dimitriy and Asya

~ Soul to Sole Reflexology w/ Carla Poluha
~The Amethyst BioMat w/Amber Hannah
~Reiki-Reflexology Combinations w/Sarah Lamb
~Tibetan Singing Bowl and Sitar Bath w/Damion Bond and Brett Zwerdlow

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