Using educational festivals as a way to facilitate the meeting of the minds on any subject.

Here’s my point, if your ready to ‘self govern & self correct’ then you find evidence & those that want to do the same. Real easy…..

Mankind has reached abridge that can only be crossed in Unity.
Mankind has reached abridge that can only be crossed in Unity.

Being able to self govern allows change without fighting the existing system. I hate no one and I am not against no one. If there is a trespass against me, we will have our own courts to settle our own affairs.

I will not argue for the belief in your limitations. You have free will.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller

You already know that different towns have different laws. Different counties have different laws.

Mendocino County, CA. Makes History and Passes Law Establishing Local Self-Governance.


Another main component of the ordinance passed is the establishment of a Community Bill of Rights for Mendocino County. Paul Cienfuegos, a long time regional Community Rights Organizer explains the need. Over 160 communities across the nation are finally standing up for their rights. And they are not doing it via any representative or senator.

Of course for myself. There is enough documentation & understanding of law that we already have all those rights assured. I think that in that way we can take a much stronger/superior stand. To me, I believe that Paul Cienfuegos does take as just a powerful stand as do the other’s on the page. Namely, Stewart Rhodes, Tom Woods & Sheriff Richard Mac. And in some ways even more powerful as with the success that Paul is having will have an impact fed a thousand fold back to those that paved the way. Paul is demonstrating what the others believe at a towns group level.

It really is interesting when you look at all of this. It’s like watching a magic house being built. Everyone is busy doing their piece. And sometime in the future the house will be built and the depth & breadth of it will astound all that look upon it.

The towns people now will have their day as Stewart Rhodes, Tom Woods & Sheriff Richard Mac have made a marriage of philosophy’s with the town’s people. The town’s people now take on that same mantle as the above mentioned leaders.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

In this series of videos, Paul takes you through the ingenious method of law structure at the local level that can not be challenged.





Tom Woods is one of the founders of Tenth Amendment Center. Is most humorus in his “Interview with a Zombie”. Of course there is a more serious video of Tom Speaking to a CSPOA group.

A corporation can not be sovereign. Only people can. Our state and federal governments are corporations now. Hence, the corporation wanting to make the corporate person equal to the person on the land. The true sovereign. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In Admiralty courts, they can only rule over ‘form’. They can not rule over ‘substance’. The flesh & blood human is substance. They only thing they can do, is con us into thinking they can.

If we are all equal in the eyes of the law (common/nature’s law) then we can also hold our own courts. A superior court over the administrative courts we have now.

Did you know that Supreme Court Justice James Wilson, the first man to be given the honor of taking the Oath of Office in the new constitutional government, declared, in Chisholm v Georgia, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 419 (1793), that We THE People was made up of “sovereigns without subjects” and that each of us possess that sovereignty in joint tenancy; i.e., as a tenancy in common which happens where there is a unity of possession.

When the U.S. of A. was created it re-formulated the idea ‘sovereign’, into  “sovereigns without subjects” and that each of us possess that sovereignty in joint tenancy; i.e., as a tenancy in common which happens where there is a unity of possession.

This actually makes it impossible for you or anyone to give your own sovereignty away in such a way that you can never get it back. You may choose bondage. And you can take your rights back at any time. Which it also become true that you can not take away anyone’s sovereignty. You may capture them unaware. But that is as far as it goes.

We can also muster enough interest for support from other groups. That really are on the same page.

Tom Woods from the Tenth Amendment Center  is very familiar with CSPOA in which he gives a very serious talk about the Tenth Amendment.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

CSPOA assembles Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Citizens who understand the grave implications of our eroding Constitutional protections. Whether it’s an illegal checkpoint violating the 4th Amendment, 2nd Amendment intrusions affecting your defense of your home or family, or ANY other infringement of your freedom, CSPOA is on the front line defending your rights and Liberty.

Sheriff Mack is the founder of CSPOA   and also has relationships with OathKeepers & Tenth Amendment Center. Check out their web site. Sheriff Mac explains in the video how he won a Federal Supreme Court hearing in the favor of County Sheriff’s as the highest law of the land in the county.  The office has more authority in that County than the President of the United States.


And you already know about the OathKeepers. Stewart Rhodes, Founder of the OathKeepers is a very level headed individual. In my mind, Stewart Rhodes is a Leader of Men. And being a Consitutional lawyer, homeschools his children, a proud supporter of Ron Paul. He keeps his wits about him in potentially explosive situations.


He also speaks at the CSPOA  of assembled Sheriffs. About the Bundy Ranch episode. His desire to avoid conflict is on the top of his priority list. He is taking a stand of accomplishing peace and not war.

So then, it is your decision. You may argue for you limitations or not. I choose not to go that route. Because it has with in it the greatest success for healing for every community that seeks to self govern.

I would suggest embracing the 9th & 10th articles. You can also embrace the Constitution. Follow your own hearts  ‘self evident truth’?

Now, if you would like to discuss the issues in gathering enough people into one place and getting them to act as to confirm their rights, together as “We the People”. Then I would be more than happy to help.

Consider if we could get all the people listed on this page to come to a festival offering free booths. And we also invite as many people from the surrounding counties to also come to join the classes at our festival.

On top of that we will be giving our own classes on how to bring all the surrounded counties into alignment with the concepts found in the following two documents. With the benefit of the most knowledgeable people in the freedom movement that once heard, will support our stand on self governing in Nevada.

Those documents are part of the knowledge base for organizing documents to self govern. Albeit put into a fictional form for easier digestion.

I wish there was a way to normalize those documents in a more easily consumed format. Although, I thought the dramatisation of reserved rights in action would give a better example across the board of what is actually available  and how to organize them.

Most people in the movement where understanding ‘law constitutionally’ is imperative to their work, do not understand the necessity of the use of their ‘Reserved Powers’ or that they even have them. To even watch Nature’s Law in action as Common Law is really very amazing. As you will see in that document.

What would it be like to have a very high percentage of people in all the surrounding counties that would learn to love the way of life we are wanting to bring to the table. IN a way that would allow for the most clear cut path of least resistance form of expansion in our work.

We would be able to take a lawful stand with the support of all the surrounding counties and be completely welcomed.

The Physical Project (Flower of Life Assembly project)

So then, if you would like to get ahead of the curve, check out the two documents listed.

The Reserved Powers of the People of Nevada and of all Americans. (This is a prototype document that takes full advantage of the ‘what if’, scenario of thinking.)


The People’s Palladium of Liberty is the Trial by Jury preserved for them by the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution for the united States



We can be as ingenious as we like with any main topic. The amount and  level of impact in any subject can eventually be felt for generations to come.

This is a very real possibility of being accomplished. Edison once said, “if you can think a thing, you can create it”.

I’m up for taking thought to places it has never been before. In any subject.

Blessed are the Peace Makers.

Now, don’t you think that this would be good radio show material?


James,   …


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