The Physical Project

This project will eventually affect everyone we know.

Please review our project

Consider what a few specialized people can do to bring about a complete change in healthcare in this country, if given the right opportunity & conditions.

A perma culturalist

A Herbal specialist

A Nevada GP licensed practitioner

A Chef dedicated to cooking herbal remedies

An individual who has dedicated his life to studies of comparative religion & a multitude of healing practices to head the project for the purposes of healing. (Myself)

My Resume:

For example:

For right now, I will use the Herbal specialist as the center for this demonstration.

This person will interface with the perma culturalist to advise what needs to be grown in the way of natural remedies and to acquire any additional remedies we may not be able to immediately grow locally.

Meals for retreat patients will be prepared for them based on the diagnosis given by our own local Doctor (licensed general practitioner, GP) who is dedicated to transforming their unique skills in developing the first Holistic healing hospital in the USA.

This Doctor will, along with the coordination of others to support and facilitate the creation of the Holistic Hospital with scientific data capable of supplying enough information worthy of creating our own insurance companies in support of Holistic Healing environments.

These meals will be prepared by a Chef (with our own cooking facility also dedicated to Holistic Healing).

The head of the project (myself)  will also be dedicated to providing the mental, emotional and spiritual conditions that patients will need to complete the healing process while visiting our retreat.

A wellness center where classes, seminars & meditation center for the scheduling of and for the administration side of the above process will take place. A series of apartments or cabins will also be designed for short or long term stays for those needing the time at the healing retreat.

All of this will be created from the finances gleaned from festivals planned for Coaldale, Nevada.

Ed Ylst, has provided “Land in Peace” In the light of Ed’s passing a memorial will be set aside for him as one of the co-founders of the Flower of Life Assembly Project in Coaldale.

In order to encourage the help that will be needed, I have created a format whereby 25 families/people willing to dedicate their lives to this process/project will receive 5 acres of land and an off the grid home of their own design based on a value set by the Assembly itself that will be gathered. Each of the 25 families will have one vote in the Assembly process.

In addition, we are also in the process of the development of the relationships of the 4 county area in regards to farming a feedstock capable of providing discounted ethanol fuel for residents in the 4 county area.

Also in the development of a solar energy contract with a provider that will provide free energy to all of Coaldale and discounted rates to the same 4 county area. This contract will be designed to be written with the residents of the same 4 county area in association with the county commissioners of the same counties.

The time bank arrangement for a volunteer work force is discussed here at the following link:

It was also planned to have a meeting setup to reveal all our plans to the same counties & people of those communities.

I have worked with Ed and a collection of experts dedicated to “We Free People” & “Land in Peace”. To lawfully facilitate the City Of Coaldale.

I currently am working with an individual who has been willing to design & promote our first festival at Coaldale, Nevada. A “Land in Peace Festival” to promote our project.

************************* This was cancelled for us and then they moved it to Morris Hotel in Reno.


The festival was designed to occur on Oct. 10th & 11th.

Even though Timeless Dream was a contractor, we did have our won itinerary we wanted to work from and can be found at the following link.

Sincerely, Much Love & Respect.

James Di’Leo
310 Utah Street Unit #2
POB 3036
Tonopah, Nevada 89049


More insight into the kind of community that is desired to be develop.


Our community project will be managed by a group of experts in that respective field under the guidance of the Assembly.

1) Recycling of the rubbish  – using the income for the community kitchen

2) Community kitchen – for all the project members & volunteers and patients who are visiting the retreat. And as an extension as a community in peace to work to be able to feed orphans, the aged and the homeless.

3) Community food gardens and growing enough food for all our people all year round.

4) Re-activating the idea of food growing garden and strawberry farm.

5) Mushroom cultivation – one of the big halls at the fish farm – this will provide more mushrooms than our town can consume and will generate good income for the community.

6) Growing seedlings and nursery – with primary school children learning new skills – beautifying our town with these plants and trees – fruit trees and nut trees for growing food along the streets and in the parks.

7) Dairy – production of milk; cream; butter and cheese – export our cheese and butter.

8) Bakery – get a master chef to train our bakers to bake many kinds of breads & foods for our people and distribute.

9) Learning Centre for adults and children – Providing alternative learning of skills for life including computer programming, welding, woodwork, sewing, etc.

10) Arts & Crafts Studio – involving the aged to do pottery, weaving, fabrics, sewing, knitting, clothing, shoemaking and more.

11) Music School – with a variety of instruments available for students.

12) Restoring the idea a town hall for educational film screenings – Musical performances , talent contests, theatrical shows, literacy training and more.

13) Wood and timber factory – incorporating a saw mill and training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more. We know that we will need to import many wood products and there are places where this can be acquired.

14) Metal factory – incorporating a training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more.

15) Manufacturing of various building materials – bricks, tiles, wood, windows, and more.

16) Community laboratory to create healthy cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste using the knowledge of our traditional healers. And most importantly, to support and facilitate the creation of the Holistic Hospital with scientific data capable of supplying enough information capable of creating our own insurance companies in support of Holistic Healing environments.

17) Upgrading of our hospital – inviting volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world to come help out and share their knowledge and skills with our own healers and medical people.

18) Manufacturing of Oxygenated Water – to provide the hospital and distribute around South Africa to heal our people – oxygenated water has shown to cure many diseases.

19) Creation of public parks and recreational areas  – including the upgrading and activation of  – stimulating tourism.

20) Tourism – Upgrade existing tourism attractions and introduce several new and exciting tourism attractions to benefit our people. Involve the community in this process. The creation of Coaldale as an event park that will promote the project itself and bring companies in that can contribute to the co-creation of our community.

21) Creating and maintaining sporting facilities – including a swimming pool – and a community fitness centre/gym. Creating a healthy environment of sport and recreation with regular competition between teams for public participation and enjoyment.

22) A local Radio Station at the community hall to inform and entertain our people.

23) Fish Farm – Our fish farm can produce more than a million fish per month, create many jobs and feed our entire town and create abundance from exports.  A shopping centre can be built anywhere without the destruction of a valuable asset of the people. This same fish farm will add to the idea of being able to provide a natural fertilizer for our needed farming.

The fish farm should be one of the cornerstones of our community and our community projects.

More community projects are also slated for discussion.