Good Meeting……Recap…..02.22.2016

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Last in First Out

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Hi Guys,

The bottom of this is the last email I sent out to a few of us that had been in contact during these quiet days since Ed passed on. It was the result of a conference call that did not get recorded. But we needed to talk.

The items listed was the content of what was on our minds.

The most current call can be listened to here

Discussion Points

  • Discussing Festivals and if they are part of our core values. Or how to perceive them within the context of all the other things that need to get done before that happens.
  • Words were used like “Turnkey” as in a turnkey approach that can be modified to local needs.
  • Healing
  • Looking at money from a spiritual point of view.
  • Everyone that comes on this project will more than likely need money on a monthly basis. In order to have an entire sense of ease and fun.
  • Abundance and discussing the different levels to view your abundance. There are two levels of abundance discussed. 1.)  The physical abundance that many can have when they all pool their resources and work for a common manifestation. 2.) The natural abundance that comes from aligning yourself with the abundance of the universe vibrationally. The Michael Telinger version and Abraham hicks version. Both versions can be used compatibly in our project.
  • Discussion of how we all ready have a enough technology with in order to be able to promote it as a Internet Radio Show.There has been some talk about a 50,000$ grant and an RV from a company that will let us use it to travel around country to advertise for them.

Avalon Gardens is an existing sustainable community that your all welcome to view. I would even consider going down there to get a feel for how things are being setup. Plus, it may be good for us to go there to have something to compare to.

*****  My take on our conversation in regard to money/finances.***** We talked for almost 2 hours in order to get into alignment with this.

In our discussion it was noted that in parts of our conversation, it was not that clear to me how we might view money in it’s entirety. It is my belief that for hundreds of years we’ve been taught that “love of money is the root of all evil”. In some religions around the world the idea of living a life of sacrifice is the most honorable way to live your life which would include a life of poverty or minimal interface with money.

Trading & bartering appeared to be one the desired methods of acquiring wealth & abundance.

However, let’s add some other life elements that broaden our perspective of spiritual truths.

You can’t get sick enough help sick people get well.

You can’t get poor enough to help poor people be prosperous.

With that being said, I think there is a high road that can be taken that will help us manage our tasks a lot easier that previously thought. Be the example of wellbeing. That is the best method of teaching.

Money without loosing our spiritual nature in the process.

As a spiritual group, I would think ‘Well Being’ is a desired state of mind. It can also be one of our  core values of the highest priority.

In the training of one who would become the attractor of ‘well being’, the reality is that money would be the natural partner in all of that.

(For our purposes it is assumed that more than likely, each individual becoming a member of our group. Will have a normally fixed amount of finances needed on a monthly basis. car/truck payments, Internet, child support, fuel & phone so on and so forth.) All of that can and will be defined as our desired well being. But you have to desire it and define it as being elements of your desire.

It is taught that it is the emotion of the benefits of money that is far better than focusing on the green paper in the bank. It is the reaching with emotional clarity & bliss at receiving the benefits. And knowing how to frame those thoughts into the emotions that manifest your reality. You nurture those emotions and let them grow & flower & bloom and go to seed and grow more flowers.

The only reason I mentioned 10 million dollars in my discussion, as it my point of ease & fun as those are the highest emotions of well being in regard to the accomplishment of our project. That is what I’m shooting for. So the reality is that the number didn’t really matter. It was the emotions of ease & fun. (Bible Quote  <> But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Math  6:33)( whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven. Math 18:18)

And not only for myself, but that the entire group will become infected with the idea of ease and fun throughout this entire project. With that kind of money in mind it was easier for me to think about.

We would certainly think more about being organized if we could just take money out of the equation. And feel at ease knowing all will fall into place.

Please, take a moment and think about all that has been said. We have the perfect opportunity to focus together on all the benefits of building a sustainable (healing) community, wellness center, and the worlds greatest workplace. All without the actual benefit of actually having the money.

I think this is what Phoenix was trying to say all along.

( Remember, we can create what we want to create.

In Vishen Lakhiani’s video he uses David Logan’s  Tribal Dynamics tribe type #4 in one of his steps of creating the world’s greatest workplace. David Logan’s & Vishen Lakhiani’s principles in creating their project.


We can adapt many of the virtues in find in Vishen’s video to our project. That particular virtue is appreciation of each person on the team. Obviously, we have a different type of genre than what Vishen has in his publishing company. His tenacity to overcome issues that confronted him with ideas that turn what appeared to be a lemon into a refreshing lemonade.

Using the following guidelines…….

I know that it’s use in the video is for creating the world’s greatest work place. But it can be used to create the world’s greatest, “Anything”.

vlcsnap-2016-02-28-02h49m24s214This triangle is their priority tree.



They dedicated themselves to the ‘Earth First’

Secondly, ‘Customers’. We can make that, all others outside our group and those we seek to serve as our own second level.

Thirdly, ‘Employees’ could be easily be all of us. “Profits’ are last in their motivational tree. I think those ‘profits’ are an entire group being the best that they can be. When we all know that the human experience is a divine experience. “Money” is mainly, the part of the clay that we use to mold our experience.


I’ve have repeated this in as many different ways as I can.

vlcsnap-2016-02-28-03h10m35s148This is the hoped for characteristics in any project. ‘Flow’.

vlcsnap-2016-02-28-03h22m04s133Of course, we can have personal ‘Fulfilment’ in the entire project. In fact, that really is the entire project in a nutshell.
vlcsnap-2016-02-28-03h22m26s84We have to be stable in a level 4 tribe and bring this flow to our next level 5 tribe.


‘Results’ of a final stage of revenue growth will show that we’re doing all the right things.

In our minds, to turn thoughts to things/(manifestation) we do not even have to think about the money. Personally , I think to think about…..   our core values.

Being with my friends in a mental and emotional environment conducive to creating :::

Peace, happiness, love, joy & spiritual clarity. “Healing”
Long term relationships. Watching people from all walks of life spiritually grow to the point of their own satisfaction. The sky is the limit.

Infinite abundance

Take if you will, one more look at what I would consider an expert opinion on turning thoughts to things. Abraham Hicks in my observation is a master instructor of Law of Attraction & Mastermind.

Core Values

  • Healing
    Self Reliance
    Self Correcting
    Self Governance
    Always do what is good for Earth. To be intune with her, and our abundance.
  • Our Core values will be what will  guide us in our group decisions for all future endeavors. If it doesn’t line up with our values we probably shouldn’t do it.

I know that we can put more here. But I think I’ve made my point as eloquently as possible. We can add to it if we like.


With Much Love & Respect.

James Di’Leo  ,….

“We free people are Eternal”, “Wellbeing supersedes all else”.

@Flower of Life Assembly

Wednesday Night Meditations  (All are welcome)

From: james dileo@
To: phoenix; racheal
CC: robin.theus
Subject: RE: Good Meeting……Recap…..
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 00:41:47 +0000

Hi Guys,

Given the seriousness of the intentions that were expressed and felt. I thought a small recap of what was discussed would be in order.

I will probably not get it right in terms of order and I may remember at random. If anyone would like to add a point or two to the mixed is more than welcome.

*****The term ‘ceremony’ was wanted to being used over ‘festivals’. I thought this was an effort to refine our definitions of ourselves and the work we do.

*****One idea was brought on the table to have 2 different properties. One for the community and one for the festivals.

*****Another idea was brought forth that we may want to do festivals only once a year.

Of course, the original plan for income to the project and the vision for the community was to be provided for, through the implementation of festivals.

The ability to thrive in astounding ways could be provided from festivals that we organically design ourselves from the ground up.

*****Since Ed’s passing the overall beginning of the plan has changed. It is being looked at to finding land that we want and manifesting  finances to work the land and build homes. Firstly to be on the land in motorhomes & RV’s to begin to establish a presence IN every level possible.

*****It was also brought up that the highest possible characteristic of living the project in such a way that we weave through any issues that arise gracefully. That we do not carry an “US” vs. “THEM” attitude. And that is a primary characteristic for developing a level #5 tribe.

It was also noted that in order to move to and implement a level #5 tribe, we must be stable at level #4 for some time before that can occur.

*****It was also specified to be able to bring 4 items to our Wednesday Meditations.

1.)  the land
2.)  the finances

Robin, I’m going to need help with 3 & 4


*****Now, I am going to put a summary on this. Not sure if all of you agree.

Phoenix seemed to make the case that we need to focus on speaking then writing out what our core values are for the entire project. I think that is going to take some discussion to accomplish that. And that would be a goal when we do arrive at some face time. It would be nice to be prepared to be able to do that when the time comes.

For myself, I know that we can’t even form a solid level #4 tribe unless we all agree on what our own core values are. I am in full commitment to firm all that up. That must be accomplished.

I think we can all feel the changes we’ve all been through over the last year. And the firming up is for each of us to feel the vibrational changes that in making sure we do understand all our own core values as a community. Understanding our own core values make it much easier to bring new people on. And to expand easily.

If I have forgotten anything, please email with any additions or changes.

Much Love & Respect.

James,   …