The Oath: Would you stand with someone who has taken this oath?

This is the kind of Oath I would feel like taking as member in our assembly. I still may have a couple of things, but this is the first draft.

Any additions or corrections will be accepted for review by the whole.

I promise to give unconditional acceptance to all assembly members.

I promise to be gentle with all their hearts.

I promise to allow them to have access to my heart.

I promise to tell the full truth even when it’s sometimes scary to do so.

I promise to put effort into learning how everyone most likes to be listened to, and then listen to them in that way as often as I can.

I promise to love and support them when they need it, and lovingly encourage them when they need it. With due consideration to having developed that kind of relationship.

I promise that I will make myself as emotionally fulfilled as possible in my own life, in order that I can show up as my best self for the relationship I have with the Assembly & it’s members.

I promise to be aware of, and own, my own emotional triggers and to never hold anyone responsible for my emotional response to things.

I promise to not waste precious time or energy worrying about who to place blame on. It gets us nowhere and it distracts from our collective goal of coming back to a place of love and connection.

I promise to acknowledge that any assembly member is not their past… and I am not my past… and although we likely have some residual habits that have been brought with us from that past, we can choose a new way if that way doesn’t work for us.

I promise to assume that everyone has the best of intentions.

I promise to assume that everyone is always coming from a place of love.

I promise to love and accept every side of everyone and all of their emotions, moods, and insecurities.

I promise to support them in their chosen path, passions and anything else that makes them happy.

I promise to continually put effort into my relationships with Assembly members.

I promise to make distractions-free connection time a priority on a regular basis.

I promise to have a one-on-one contact with at least one Assembly member once every month, no matter how busy or stressful life becomes until finally located on the project site. And to find and approach to apply the skills I have and to develop new skills when ever possible/necessary  to promote the accepted Flower of Life Community Plan as part of my acceptance into the Assembly.

I promise to always be open to talking about anything in regard to our health & well being , no matter how challenging certain conversations might be to have.

I promise to always look for how others might be hurting in the moments when they fall upon trying times or have feelings of indifference & seem to not have time for me.

I promise to never hold any of assembly relationship hostage or  threaten our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual  partnership in any way.

I promise to always cherish my relationship with the Assembly and it’s Members. And to celebrate it as the safe container for growth that it is.

I promise to always want to learn to feel safe, comfortable and acknowledge the Eternal Divine Spirit as possible in each member of the Assembly. In so loving each other and we love the most high our focus to dedicate ourselves to the support & development of the conscious awakening of the Divine Spirit within all of us and all mankind.

promise to love the earth and sun and great spirit over all. And honor them and that my love for them will train my focus to bring every thought and action into submission to service to the source within and giving back to nature/earth that birthed us into being in such a way as to honor both our spirits

I promise to honour the royalty of my soul and lay claim to all it’s abundance it offers my life.

Regarding all of the aforementioned statements, I acknowledge that when I say “never” or “always”, I will inevitably make mistakes. I am human, and I am not perfect. But I promise to always do my best and to promptly acknowledge when I have erred .

I promise to be self reliant, self governing, self correcting and support others that want to be that way.

I promise to support those that after a year, have for whatever reason, decided to move on and have kept track of their time credits. Will have all unused time credits returned. Or when available, in a currency of their choosing.

And above all else, I promise to love & support each Assembly member as I would love myself. In such a way that will not be a determint to myself or my family beyond that which they can bare. I also promise not to judge the decisions of others and how they choose to carry that out.

With Much Love & Respect.

James ,  …

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