Alan Watts speaks to the challenges in creating a better living model for life.

Alan Watts breaks down what's wrong with the world – Part 1 (1970)

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Are Empaths Actually Communicating Telepathically
Are Empaths Actually Communicating Telepathically

Alan Watts speaks about his invitation to a conference in L.A. in 1971 to bring together the world’s leaders in science, religion & politics to address what they thought they could do to invite the humanity at large with what they thought even then was disaster approaching.

In his own cool way, he creates the kind of character that I see is awake and understands exactly what this project is and what it is not. As we get further into the development of our presentation how different this project is in comparison to others. I really want to express the need for those that are with us, that they truly want to be here.

The effort is not to brainwash or proceed in such a way that help us avoid any liability issues. That is what they do in the war jurisdiction. My goal is to make sure (as much that is divinely possible.) that you do not have to endure any more surprises than you can bare in the wake of the revelations of what we are all about.

As you learn about us, It would my desire that those that do come on-board, fully grasp my intention that all that become assembly members not only practice meditation, have also integrated it into their lives.

For me, the only insurance in my approach as those that already meditate will, while in that state will think of the definition and spherical symbol of the flower of life and all it’s implications. I know that on a vibrational level we can exchange our resumes.

We use many of the same words. Like permaculture, sustainability & meditation. Being a city when we start involves a bit more advanced thought and preparation in exactly how that will be done. I chose a different path in creating a city.

In that I am willing to start with as little baggage as possible by designating goals such as the design of the festivals with the creating & presenting the history of spiritual initiation through as may ages & cultures we can find.

The only religion we will practice, is kindness. Our investigations will be to advance all our self sustaining abilities as far as we can take them which will be the physical aspects. All the way through the examination of the laws that will support/endorse our endeavours. From there, further investigations will be encouraged in the areas of spiritual science and sacred geometry.

A look at our web site www.floweroflifeassembly.org will support that in more detail. “We Free People are Eternal”, “Well-Being Supersedes all Else”

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