Alan Watts speaks to the challenges in creating a better living model for life.

Alan Watts breaks down what's wrong with the world – Part 1 (1970)

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Are Empaths Actually Communicating Telepathically
Are Empaths Actually Communicating Telepathically

Alan Watts speaks about his invitation to a conference in L.A. in 1971 to bring together the world’s leaders in science, religion & politics to address what they thought they could do to invite the humanity at large with what they thought even then was disaster approaching.

In his own cool way, he creates the kind of character that I see is awake and understands exactly what this project is and what it is not. As we get further into the development of our presentation how different this project is in comparison to others. I really want to express the need for those that are with us, that they truly want to be here.

The effort is not to brainwash or proceed in such a way that help us avoid any liability issues. That is what they do in the war jurisdiction. My goal is to make sure (as much that is divinely possible.) that you do not have to endure any more surprises than you can bare in the wake of the revelations of what we are all about.

As you learn about us, It would my desire that those that do come on-board, fully grasp my intention that all that become assembly members not only practice meditation, have also integrated it into their lives.

For me, the only insurance in my approach as those that already meditate will, while in that state will think of the definition and spherical symbol of the flower of life and all it’s implications. I know that on a vibrational level we can exchange our resumes.

We use many of the same words. Like permaculture, sustainability & meditation. Being a city when we start involves a bit more advanced thought and preparation in exactly how that will be done. I chose a different path in creating a city.

In that I am willing to start with as little baggage as possible by designating goals such as the design of the festivals with the creating & presenting the history of spiritual initiation through as may ages & cultures we can find.

The only religion we will practice, is kindness. Our investigations will be to advance all our self sustaining abilities as far as we can take them which will be the physical aspects. All the way through the examination of the laws that will support/endorse our endeavours. From there, further investigations will be encouraged in the areas of spiritual science and sacred geometry.

A look at our web site will support that in more detail. “We Free People are Eternal”, “Well-Being Supersedes all Else”

Thirteenth Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly 06/14/2015

Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Sunday at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)

FYI only and will be  discussed during the meeting.
(1994) Slides are high voltage photography  (Index finger) on the end of a high day meditation.

Additional photos of Tony Apollo (R.I.P.) from the Philippines  — Psychic Surgeon


Opening General Meeting for Flower of Life Assembly.

We will take a 60 sec. moment of silence.

Moderator will speak after 60 sec is complete: “This Meeting is now Open is Peace”

Old Business.

1.) We were being placed in a vote from Vegas Psytrance for the MoonPhase Festival. They had lost their original place to have the festival. Even though we didn’t get the vote, we got more votes than expected. We are in the conversation. I have details on working with Vegas Psytrance.

2.) Trust is going through some transformation. Will have more information at the time of the call.

3.) Still working on Getting to Vegas via Motorhome to promote the project.

4.) Water well still needs to be tested. I have a solution to this & the power box that can be taken up in New business.

5.) Still need a ‘Construction Power box’ to be able to turn the power on.

6.) Sent out an email with this video in it by David Logan on Tribal Leadership (TEDx)

I think this would be good to know how other people view the idea of wanting to accomplish something amazing. He makes specific comments in regards to the attainment of the 5th level of tribal leadership.

In his words , the one stipulation that is made to acquire the 5th level, you must be very stable with the group in level 4, before moving the entire group on tot he next level.

Rather than to explain level 4, watching the video will be so much easier. A lot of good information to know about and I think it is only 18 mins.

New business

1.) Have invited Karen Sontag, who in her own personal time is a Spiritual Life Coach & studies Law. Ed Ylst, Karen & Joanne Frazzi created & designed WeFreePeople.Org. Joanne Frazzi was the web master in charge. Have also invited Peter McCoy from Radical Mycology, who has been on a call with us before. Last but not least, Carole Michaella author of “I am the Power” and is also a spiritual life
coach. Her web site is Unbeknownst to Carole, she has been instrumental in helping me find my spiritual rudder on this project.

Ed Ylst is the trustee for S&N Trust, which is the owner of record for Coaldale, NV.

2.) I am hoping to use the video by, David Logan on Tribal Leadership to be able to have a framework in which to form our concepts in all that we wish to accomplish with our project. In my mind, pursuing this discussion is important.

There is not audio recording to pipe into the call and there are a few visual effects that inspire the conversation. It will be well worth the 18 minutes.

3.) I would like to discuss the proposal Vegas Psytrance made to me in regards to the festivals he would like to create at our site.

4.) Question involving the trust. Should we make an Oath for each assembly member that wants a seat in our assembly?

5.) Question: This is a very important piece of the project and I would like to discuss the value of wanting this kind of arrangement.

Found at:

5.a.6.) Of the (25) families we need at least one doctor. Yes, we are looking for that jewel of an individual that has experience in Nevada with at least Licensed GP status with a primary focus on Holistic healing. We need that interface with main stream medical. We have the capability of having our own airport after maintenance & repairs which we will notify FAA to re-open it for use. And will be used for medical emergencies. This individual will need to able to provide a report that will help design our own medical center with a primary focus on Holistic healing given the proper financial parameters and comparison/competitive remarks regarding main stream healing practices. Subject data of healing practices will be recorded. However, all privacy requests will always remain.

There are many levels of healing and to be able to provide current observation practices and document patient progress will also allow us a cross section of healing practices to document/identify the most functional techniques.

Scientifically designed Comparison studies can be prepared for various scientific communities which in turn will allow for the creation of an insurance company that conceivably mainstream well designed holistic healing methods.

In other words, we can take all doubt out of the use of holistic healing methods can be far superior to current main stream healing techniques. And far less costly.

6.) Subject no. 5 can be directly related to the need for not only effective permaculture, but also an inspired individual solely dedicated to Herbal medicine.

At one point, some of us are going to have to be proficient enough both conceptually & technically, to be able to decide on the right individual for the job.

This individual needs to work with a agriculturalist/resident permaculture expert for the development of a plethora herbal/plant remedies. Indicating what ground/soil preparations need to be made for all the various plants & foods. Collect the data in such a way that others can use it easily.

This would also mean we would want our own laboratory which goes a long way to having anything we want professionally tested can be done on site.

I consider all that I have spoken of above as the ground work & framework in which I want to portray the spiritual healing portion of the work. To be carried out in the same professional manner our local doctor would carry out their duties. With bedside manor & soothing to the patient.

A retreat for stay over patients that can absorb a healing life style are also in the plans.

There is enough land base in the project to position the retreat portion of the project where it is less affected by late night sounds. However, let us not forget that at times, a festival could be a healing event to some patients. Let us create joy in our lives and others.

The Wellness Center needs to provide three main functions. 1.) a place to have lectures & training classes. ( a place for the entire community to meet) 2.) A sanctuary for Meditation. 3.) Administration for processing/scheduling patients, lectures, classes & students. The operation needs to be designed in such a way as to be completely self sustaining.

The sleep over cabins should be placed on the property in such a way as to surround (be in close proximity of) the Wellness Center.

A budget must be set aside for this to be accomplished.

Todate, the entire project has not been talked about in any depth. And that it should be thought of as any one leg of the project I am proposing can be a tipping point to make the rest of the project workable.

Additional legs of the project: can be discussed at the following meetings.

An ‘IT’ department will connect the entire project together.

Home schooling resource center.

Development of a Holistic Hospital.

Development of the relationships of the 4 county area in regards to farming a feedstock capable of providing ethanol fuel for residents in the 4 county area.

Development of a solar energy contract that will provide free energy to all of Coaldale and discounted rates to the same 4 county area.

Please feel free to ask anyone you would like to join us. If you like we can introduce them during our open floor discussion.

Time for questions. Followed by Open Floor discussion.

Open Floor discussion ( synergistic conversation )

Meeting closes with a 60 sec moment of silence

Music will begin and people may leave at their leisure.

Meeting is now closed.

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Additional comments by the Webmaster.

Learning to hold an actual assembly and what can be done with that level of organization.

Being in the moment I saw a motor home for sale I think I could get into if the price is right.

Plus, I am working to put together a flyer. I have had my eye on several organisations and meetups that I think I would be welcome to.

For me it is a bit ironic easing into my own idea that this city we want to build is a spiritual journey.

This post for the blog, has a complete playlist of all the calls. The twelfth call is the first call in the playlist.

This has been one of the best calls that happened in a serendipity way, which defined the entire project.

From a thoughtful position attempting to take as many different threads & parameters that go to make up the project. I know for some there will be a few boring spots.

However, the weaving serves well to define the long term idea of a natural cross training occurring as our language and perception improves from being in group discussions at many levels.

Patience will yield interesting nuggets of info when listening to the recording that can create an environment of cross training at almost every level. Transparency would be a natural result without ever creating a fuss. That’s just from a physical point of view. What if we can take into consideration the spiritual, mental & emotional cross training that it takes to learn/know how to live in peace.

I just want to point out the obvious and get it out of the way. We have to learn how to do that.

It is going take the spiritual way to show the way to others. Someone has to break the ice on living what we preach. Bringing order through self empowerment.

Phoenix, Ed & I are the only ones on the call. Phoenix, in all honesty, may explain the project better than I do. It’s 3 hour recording, but I am hoping you will appreciate our growth in how we speak about our project. (Ed is the trustee of S&N Trust which is the owner of record of Coaldale, NV.)

I am sure many of you in your travels you have experienced many portions of this conversation in some form or another. With all those principles being gathered into place and to easily create a laboratory where we can finally see what it would be like to live in a city based on the level of thinking begun in the recording. A city based of ‘Peace’ & spiritual self empowerment.

In that same playlist and the second call in the list is a 3D video presentation addressing the design of our chosen city center.

It has a kitchen that can feed 150 at a time with seating. It has service for as many as 300 people w/ laundry room. Perfect for an R/V Event park. It has 12 guest rooms. And a complete admin area.

We are looking for ways to get the message out. If there are any ideas that you could help with or discussions, would be greatly appreciated. I believe that many do appreciate this as much as I do. We could truly create peace as a practice not just theory. Personally, I think that would be a lot of fun creating abundance at that level! Baby Steps……..


James, …