Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh & Twelfth Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly

Screenshot from Open Source Duplicable Eco-City Center - One Community.mp4Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900 Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

Sunday at 2:00pm (Pacific Time)


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The New City Center

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Photos of the site on FaceBook!

Coaldale Court Yard Rooms

Coaldale Court Yard

Coaldale Airstrip

Feb.. 6th 2015 Coaldale Road trip.

One of the wells at the site.

Coaldale II Road Trip Jan, 29th 2015

Natural Wonders of Coaldale, Nevada.

Nahko – Great Spirit w/Lyrics

This is our standard

Coaldale Expectations

The ideals for Coladale are

We are in Peace and act in Peace.

We act in Truth to continue Peace.
We come together to help each other.

Individual Expectations

Getting along with others.
Not making trouble or creating problems for others.
Do no harm.

Trust Participation Qualifications:

Trust main purpose is for people to act in Harmony in Peace.

Caring for your self and others brings joy to all.
Caring for one another is an important vital step forward.

Fine print:

To be able to demonstrate in the spirit of adapting to each member in a way that can reflect unconditional acceptance. To embrace our diversity in a way that unites and not divides.

If any disagreements and/or ruffled feathers occur during our growing process, we MUST ask that they be adequately resolved beforehand.