Unity Consciousness meditation for Flower of Life Assembly & Ubuntu Members & Humanity at Large

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Meditation: No-technique, therefore no authority

This has so many meanings.flower_of_life_cube5

The very center of the 6 pointed star is what historically been known as the Christos or Logos. A phrase in the Kabala attributed to the 6th sephoroth called, ‘Tipareth’. It’s body symbolism is the female Breast. The phrase: ‘And all the conclaves shall be filled. Which would be the surronding 6 sephoroth.

It is the place where we begin to experience ‘timelessness’. Or what I like to call, ‘infinite forgiveness’.

In our spiritual Language every single person bears a crown and each of us is royalty in the eyes of source. From the Kabala this particular crown has the symbolism of the ‘nothing that contains the all’, ‘Ain’ Ain Soph’, ‘Ain Soph Aur’

The three veils reside above the tree of life and represent the outer limit of existence and the initial impulse of creation.

Ain is the highest and first of the veils. It is literally translated as ‘nothing’, or simply ‘no’; it is absolute emptiness, the opposite of existence, complete absence.

Ain Soph is the middle of the three veils, and it proceeds from Ain by necessity. It is literally translated as ‘no limit’. If there is nothing then there are no boundaries or limitations; this is the limitless foundation – the eternal in its purest sense.

Ain Soph Aur is the lower veil, situated closest to the Tree of Life, and it proceeds from Ain Soph as a necessity. It means ‘limitless or eternal light’. Without any limitations, all things happen by virtue of the fact that there is no reason why they shouldn’t.

Light plays a very important role in the philosophy and symbolism of Qabalah, and the Ain Spoh Aur is that light. Light means many things to a Qabalist – the light of wisdom, of life, of grace and so on, but in attaching all these associations it is important to remember that these refer to our human experience of light, and the way an inner communion with the eternal light can heal and transform you, but not the simple nature of light in and of itself. So what is the nature of this mysterious light? In metaphysics such questions can be over-analysed; the light of Qabalah is the same as the light described in science and experienced in our every day life, it is just that it is experienced in a more direct (gnostic) manner, or to be more precise, in the manner that it experiences itself.

As Einstein’s theory of relativity explains, if you were to travel at the speed of light then strange things would happen tp space and time, and you would experience yourself to be in all places and times at once. You would, in other words, be eternal. This is the experience of light from its own perspective. When the world was created and the first light came into being this the entirety of space and time were created and held in a single moment (moment is an inappropriate word, but there is no other) within the nature of light itself. This eternal moment was the Ain Spoh Aur.


In retrospect , after making a few meditations where you know you have made contact with something different. Any time after that, you should be able to make mental contact with that state at will.


flower_of_life_cube5These two symbols side-by-side one as you, the microcosm. Two, The macrocosm. The microcosm, in our Spiritual Language every single person bears a crown and each of us is royalty in the eyes of source. We are sovereign only over our selves. Please consider that when it comes to our discussion of various types of law.

I’ll probably keep adding various concepts that support the idea that uses a symbol to meditate upon. For example: Psychic Architecture is a real science. It is known that certain energies appear around certain geometrical shapes.

The energies of our minds are no different.

When we see shapes our minds will conjure and if allowed will attenuate to the vibration of any symbol we tell our mind to tune to.

I have made what seems to be an arbitrary assignment of the Flower of life sphere

After relaxing, let your mind see the sphere. Let your mind self speak what the sphere means to you. You have several comments of what I believe it to be and what it means to me.

Let your mind see and feel the sphere. And let your spirit do the rest of the work.

It could take a few minutes to allow the function of your mind to work on the symbol of the sphere.

You will first know that you have reach a plateau when the vibrations begin to change. Go with the flow & allow the vibrations to enhance your mental state. Do that until you end the meditation!

Let the power of your mind and the symbol do the work for you.

One of the things I find interesting is that different people will attenuate vibration-ally using audio sounds or even a picture. I will be using this picture as a focal point for all of us to use for our contact to our unity consciousness of the Flower of Life Assembly Meditation.

So, you may listen to what audio selection you like. And use this image to focus on for our remote group meditation.

As the spherical form of the flower of life symbol will be our inner visual focal point. I think it may not be so much of having a perfect visualization as to bring it casually into focus and nurture it’s meaning in your mind.

The things that come to mind are ‘infinite superior well-being & longevity’. Infinite intelligence, joy & clarity. All of the pluses in life. And it represents the manifestation of those ideas.

The wellspring of master mind or unity consciousness.

All things that are infinitely good for you, to you and with you. Perfect harmony reached on a vibrational level can be manifested when you know what it feels like.

Music, Sound & Four Elements

It is amazing the level of creativity that can manifest once you begin to open your mind to the unlimited possibilities.vlcsnap-2015-02-01-16h48m56s211

vlcsnap-2015-02-01-16h48m33s253They do show the nature of vibration in sound and it’s effects on the elements.

It is almost like we can choose the vibration. From the point of view with regard to healing and the optimal vibration(s) available to produce harmony in a physical body that is in a dis-ease, dis-harmonic state. Just for the record, once healing is understood you can now utilize that information to continue to optimize the energy of the physical body that you now have on consignment.

Given the infinite number of vibrational selections to choose from in spiritual sense ‘Jesus’ would have been portrayed as the perfect healer as unconditional love has a wider(infinite) range to choose from to bring harmonious energy out from dis-harmonious energy!

I am sure that many healers know that some of the best healing’s come from the natural sympathetic compassion one has for the patient. With that being said, it is also known that some patients will respond to certain healers better than others. And it seems that among healers in general, this is commonly understood.

With the way that technology is beginning to catch up with the Mystic, some of this technology may be able to improve any healers ratio of success by having a series of techniques available to them to allow various types of patients to receive help from a wider range of possible treatments. Vibrational treatments!

Ceremonial magic works somewhat in the same framework. They do a complete astrological chart of the neophyte and their training is to prepare them for the ceremonies that are designed to bring the neophyte into perfect alignment with his own soul. This may or may not be done in tandem with normal initiation grade work. And very much in align with Alchemical goals in mind.

More to come on this particular subject. But, you could also perform the same process for patients in need!

Music Vs. Science
the study of visible sound. stunning! Video by: Nigel Stanford