First Open Conference call of the General Flower of Life Assembly.

flower_of_life_cube5Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900
Participant access code: 657282. Don’t forget the ‘#’ sign at the end!

I, James Di’Leo who created the web site Republic of Nevada & Occupy-Our-Courts Web Sites Is asking you join us in observing our new project by accompanying us on our new series of conference calls.

Guides for the Conference call to day.

I have taken all the knowledge learned in those experiences of about the power of your assembly and applying what has been gained to take the town of Coaldale, Nevada and apply the knowledge of assemblies not only to teach others but to create monthly festivals to turn that city into a city of abundance on all levels.

I know it has been a while since our last communication. There is a lot of catching up to do. I am hoping you will join us on our call and I can share with all of you what I have learned in the last few years. We all have the common bond to be free from the fetters of life and to apply all that we know to become unchained from all the false precepts that hold us in life patterns that would suggest that we are not free.

Subjects covered:”The development of a healing community”,
“How Ubuntu Stacks up with Flower of Life Assembly”,
“Founding Principles”,
“Founding Fathers”,
“Mystery Schools Throughout the Ages”,
“And what does that have to do with the Flower of Life Assembly?”,
“Why do I use the idea of Assembly over any other formation?”

Stop by and find out what’s happening on this new project.

Chaplin Raymond is still teaching classes and is making awesome progress. Please check out the document his “Jural Society of Texas” created and was sent to the 5 top offices of Texas. Starting with Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas!

I have placed the document in this link Texas Jural Society-Preservation-of-Peoples-Reserved-Powers-Notice-to-Texas-Officials-in-Austin-Distribution for your review. I am so proud to be his student. This will be discussed on the call.

Check out our most recent Jural Activities. Click Here!

There is a new kid on the block.  Michael Tellinger author of UbuntuUbuntu Contributionalism has also created the Ubuntu Party. Which has a presence in over 200 countries.

Please click the pic and you can review the material. A great book that we can all learn from. A scientist and researcher of Ancient Civilisations has suggested tha the very idea of competition was created and money exacerbating competition into greed. I think most of us have had our fill of that particular vice.

I have a review of that organization here

Have a great day and I hope we can share with you on our call.

With Much Love and Respect!

James Di’Leo
WebMaster Of:

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