The Overview – Financing the Entire Project

Come fly with me over the sea of infinite possibility and play upon the plains of understanding infinite abundance.

Financing the Entire Project .



When Brendan Burchard wrote in ‘Out There’

In one of my favorite verses,

“It is out there, outside the confines of our comforts and the pleasures of our accumulations, beyond our architecture of the routine, that we slip the bonds of our limiting beliefs, soar magnificently above our own shortcomings, and express our highest selves. ”

And a second one,

“It is out there when we have the guts to stand naked before the world as who we truly are, when we peer into the souls of those around us and finally see in them the image of the divine, that we plunge ourselves bravely and unconditionally into love that has no bottom or boundary. ”

And if you narrow it down even further,

If you take the essence of:” that we slip the bonds of our limiting beliefs, soar magnificently above our own shortcomings, and express our highest selves. ” from the first sentence then use,

“when we peer into the souls of those around us and finally see in them the image of the divine, that we plunge ourselves bravely and unconditionally into love that has no bottom or boundary. ”


Personal Goals

For myself, this adventure I am seeking is a spiritual experience. To be around people on the same path that want pretty much the same things I do in just basic living standards. And in my experience, that says a lot about the collective consciousness we are about to bring together. In coming together with more of an aura of allowing others the opportunity to be different. To relish in our diversity. To have a greater opportunity to be self reliant, self governing and self correcting. If you embrace those three things, your already a spirit member of the Flower of Life Assembly and resonate with our dreams.

It would the optimum experience to have 25 families, auxiliary personnel, volunteers and all those that visit and partake,  believe that they can take that journey that will ultimately lead to greater health, happiness and joy. To live with the expectation of superior health & longevity.  To live, love  & partake with a community of off the grid homes.  With people of like minds. To act in such a way to help it spread far and wide. To ‘Pay it Forward’.

Nahko and Medicine For The People – Budding Trees (Official Video)

Using the most current of green technology with people who want, “beyond our architecture of the routine, that we slip the bonds of our limiting beliefs, soar magnificently above our own shortcomings, and express our highest selves. ”

I think this will become deliciously infectious as time wears on and it will be in an environment that could allow many others to catch on very quickly.

Living Technology

We will be seeking the most advanced technology to date in regards to living and growing our culture and land in the most natural low cost methods. Initial objectives such as food growth production adequate for the entire community.

We also have the technology for fuel production via bio-feedstock. Which includes a lawful 10,000 gallons per year per family of distilled ethanol alcohol. Once the land has had a few seasons of feedstock production it will naturally be prepared for the next level of use. The idea was to have enough of emergency fuel for generators, while other forms of energy are being acquired. Such as solar. There are also adequate places  in the area that would be appropriate for wind power.

The new thought on the block is ‘Cattails’. By the author of “Alcohol Can be a Gas” David Blume, Founder, International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, Soquel, California say, 10,000 gallons of fuel may be obtained from 1 acre of Cattails. Corn produces 200-300 gallons of fuel. Not even a close contender for cattails.

I know that this video is not your normal 10 minute vid. However, I would urge you to come back and watch it when you have time. He is a permaculture expert and is well worth the knowledge for the time. It would be hope to  have David run a seminar at our place. Most of the videos I have chosen are the ones that seemed to be the most aligned with the vision that is planned.

[jwplayer mediaid=”149″]

In addition, permaculture science will be used and another new guy on the block will be Radical Mycology. Mycelium a natural substance that in the wild become mushrooms under the correct conditions. This science  can improve growth & quality of almost any plant life by hundreds of percent. The healing properties alone are worth the  investigation. To say nothing of the nutritional benefits to human & plant life.


How a Bag of Mushrooms Can Clean A Polluted River

We will be creating an entire series of new job classifications.

This video with Paul Stamets inspired my choice to work with Radical Mycology. This video is technically an expansion of the previous video in types of remediation and uses. Including Turkey Tail Mushrooms healing Cancer and much more. Near the end of the video, Paul Stamets recounts his experience with his mother given 3 months to live. Events occurred that the Doctor over her case approved the prescription for Turkey Tail Mushrooms. Prepared & provided by Paul Stamets lab. Six months later, she is in full remission. Ironically, the mycelium actually modified the other medications to be more effective and altered her body chemistry in such a way that it devoured the cancer.

This video of all the videos in the series available on this site. Has open my eyes even more to the idea of a unified theory of all biology, mathematics, law, science, spiritual science  and the overall definition of the universe at large. All in an easily understood distilled form. This is my plug for the think tank portion of the plan.

The power of mycelium is at hand! Awaken to the nurturing quality of the Universe is Love & Abundance! Mother Earth is indeed a reflection of the rest of the universe.


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The Land

We are located approx.. 75 miles east of the California border and midway between Las Vegas & Reno Nevada. Which, is not that far away from Lake Tahoe.

With approx. 25,000 acres to work with each of the selected families with have 5 acres to create their own off the grid home.


When time and materials allow ‘Collective’ gardens will be available and it is hoped that we will have at least one traditional medicinal herbalist to aid us in the types of plants would be optimum. Wildwood wisdom will be stored and made available to all.  However, personal greenhouses are completely acceptable. For people who travel, maybe not so much. We will never be an association and only want to set general guidelines for the start.

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Additional Ideas

Live Stock will be encouraged. They will be part of the permaculture design where nothing is waste. The goal again, is to have the resources to find the best. I can see tour guides for 4 wheel driving and horseback riding. Even being able to host 1-2-3 week trips with or without horses. We will have an airport. GPS can effectively support an experienced group. And above all, a perfect healing/meditation retreat. We have an airstrip to take complete advantage of.

There are a plethora of ideas for outdoor activities that can be developed from not only the environment we wish to create, but the environment in which we want to create it in.

This is what we could be waking up to every day.

This is the property.


One of the experiences I want to have with Coaldale when the gardens are in harvest, was to see at least one open kitchen cook with food grown on that land and transform it into the healthiest menu within a 200 mile radius. Until then, we’ll make do with the best that we can find. This would include the idea, that you would never have to leave the township to survive or want for much of anything. This open Kitchen will service the volunteers & entertainers during construction operation phases and beyond as needed.

As far as the types of businesses we can have there, I believe we can be creative in our selections for several reasons. In “On” seasons we can have festival events that will be able to draw  people to our site on a fairly regular basis. The goal would be weekly.  Again, the festivals are key! There are many types of businesses that can dovetail on may levels and even in “Off” seasons activities can creatively occur that will ensure year round traffic to developing businesses.

Basic Financial Goals & Opportunities

In working with a few members of Delphi Amphitheater group out of Las Vegas Nevada. Have created an awesome opportunity in the creation of their site. Please follow the link for more info.

Now, I know I am taking some liberties with Delphi’s wording as their concept fits so well with our project. And with a couple of modifications:

For our investment sector we want to create a high-quality themed RV park with a 1000-2000 full service pads and a rental fleet of RV trailers, and to manage the concessions, vendors, outdoor adventures, and on-site activities. The potential themes are unlimited; the first project is Coaldale Township, with a permanent festival village in Coaldale featuring a number of amphitheaters.
Hundreds of organizations host festivals whose daily attendance exceeds 1,000 visitors a day: Square Dancing (we are in the mountains) Electronic Dance, Jam Bands, Reggae, Taste of/Bite of culinary events, Yoga, and Meditation. A festival can easily be scheduled every weekend in On seasons with Healing/Meditation Retreats occurring in the Off seasons. Which also means we need a huge dance floor.

Plans are being made that could have a Healing/Meditation Retreat going on at the same time as the Festivals. Given the land allocation requirements can be put in place.

A comment about a specific focus that we would like to develop. We are to have as many speakers here in seminars that are as leading edge in all areas of interest that our local community can offer. Healing being one of our initial permanent priorities. I expect to see a very informed community develop.

The proceeds will go to a community bank which will in turn focus on socially conscious investment. The bank will use a streamlined application process which produces complete business documentation which applicants may use to obtain capital elsewhere. This way an objective process can be used to fund the most practical projects and projects which have the greatest opportunity to go on to fund other projects.

Most of the transformation of the land will come through a network of volunteers. Professionals, laborers, service providers, vendors, and entertainers will be a part of a form of time bank, earning credits to use the facility once it’s completed.


To begin to fully understand the concept, please consider checking out the  following ‘Outline’. It was intended to have a bit more detail in outline format.

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