Pre Mission Statement Categories & Outline

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Flower of Life Assembly.

1.) Services it extends

1.a.) Develop the best possible framework in which people can learn to cooperate creatively & harmoniously in what may have previously been identified as hostile environments. Learning how to get along. Even on a large scale.

1.b.) Find/Collect data/text/audio/video as evidence in support for the further extension of creative concepts that support the way in which we think the best concepts that are to be used in developing Coaldale.

1.c.) Eventually when the assembly is in place, it will have enough backlog of information skill in which to consider for it’s decision making process. They will be the voting parties that will be the decision makers for their own lives. (Off the grid Homes use contract holders)

1.d.) Everyone will be encouraged to participate.

1.e.) Of the 25 chosen families, at least one family member will be required to be on the assembly. For the level of project we are doing, I do not think that is a lot to ask. Also, when one family member has extenuating circumstances, another family member may take their place.

1.f.) That FOLA (Flower of Life Assembly) will be both as an example for others that want to start their own cooperative assemblies for their own projects. And develop services that will help nurture & mature each new assembly to attain it’s goals.

1.g.) We will be a work in progress. Our conference calls will serve as our initial meeting hall and will gently lead us in the practice of operating as an assembly. Recordings will take place and anyone will be able to refer to past recordings in order to catch on quickly to what is going on currently.

1.h.) Serve as a training ground and selection process that find others with like minds that like where we are going with the construction or vision for Coaldale. We want 25 families to select us as the place where they want to work, live and become the town assembly.

2.) The return that is expected from offering these services.

2.a.) 25 families will select us to benefit from the development of events/festivals/land management & development. Which will in turn finance each families off the grid home project as well as ongoing expenses & development.

2.b.) Provide a wide area network with all other projects that resonate with FOLA.

2.c.) Continue to structure an Internet Database that will support educational process of all aspects life that impact the development of Coaldale as a city that may be duplicated.

2.d.) Come to the realization of how advanced we can think and apply our thinking to everyday life.

3.) What is the relationship between Flower Of Life Assembly (FOLA) & Coaldale Township.

3.a.) The development of FOLA’s presentation is the framework in which we would like to construct Coaldale. FOLA will be conducted as an assembly in order to give live clarification in how assemblies actually operate.

3.b.) In the operation of FOLA, it will be used as a teaching platform in which an actual assembly will be created that will eventually integrate with Coaldale as the town assembly. To seamlessly operate the city of Coaldale & Coaldale Township.

We will be attempting to apply the greater percentage of understanding what the Thrive video portrays & more. There is so much we can do right now that is available that still keeps our project on the leading edge of community evolvement.  However, we can prepare for that time when zero-point is no longer in controversy.

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4.) Vision & Expectations for the Coaldale Township

4.a.) How do we be fair to all involved?
Use Contract holders (all types)

4.a.1.) Off the Grid Homes
i.). Types of off the grid homes will be discussed in detail in another section when prepared.
4.a.2.) Events/Vendors/Festivals
i. To be discussed in  “C.) Vision & Expectations for the Festivals”.

4.a.3.) Companies wanting Use Contracts for labs, hemp clothing/medicine production. We are developing a very long list of potential companies.
4.a.3.i.-  All companies will follow a strict code of Non-toxic, sustainable green technology in all building & property use and during all company operations. Companies will be selected based on their ability and willingness to accomplish same. There are many companies that want what we want.

4.a.4.) Companies/individuals wanting to make long/short term investments/donations.
4.a.4.i.-  TO have contracts for review by the assembly.

4.a.5.) Companies that that would invest for specific crops
4.a.5.i. – TO have contracts for review by the assembly.

4.a.6.) Needed infrastructure to support all of the above. (current & future)
4.a.6.i. – Water well(s) must be dug for a constant fresh water supply.
4.a.6.ii. – Power must be turned on. Electrical work must est. & contracted.

4.b.) What is the owner of record’s relationship to the use contract holders? And in a similar fashion, what is the relationship of the land, the owner of record and the contract holder?

In answer to 4a & 4.b, the land will never be sold. The use contract holder or the owner of record, will never sell the land. We may use the land and make use of it’s resources. The status of this property is different. It is not held in the same manner as any other home or business. Because of this status, no lender will make a loan.

4.c.) County taxes will only be paid on and after any improvements. No taxes will be required on the land. We are curious what the county will asses on homes that use no public water and will use no commercial grid power. We actually will be able to sell power either to others or back to the grid. From the entire community.

5.) Vision & Expectations for the Festivals

5.a.) Events/Vendors/Festivals
5.a.1.) Festivals are fun. What better way to spread the word about what is being accomplished on the land than to invite people to our festivals on our land.

5.a.2.) Festivals will supply the infrastructure such as an outdoor amphitheaters to provide stages for outdoor events. Which can and will be used for community events. Please remember, everything we do for the festivals, we are in a way planning our own community.

5.a.3.) -Additional funds will come from investments/donations/land use contracts.

5.a.4.) The headliner for the festivals will be, “Healing Modalities”
5.a.4.i.) This will set the stage for the entire project

5.a.5.) My expectation from this project are my own off the grid home and be able to support that life style. Plus, create & develop and maintain the Wellness Center. Be a guiding influence in the development of an international database capable of indexing at word level and cross reference any set of text documents in any category. Instructions in applying this technology to a think tank environment capable of full technical support for a secular home school system to be established in Coaldale. This will be a primary in the selection criteria of the twenty five(25) families to choose us as their next destination. That they homeschool and will have complete community support. Other educational alternatives will be taken on a case by case basis.

5.a.6.) Of the (25) families we need at least one doctor. Yes, we are looking for that jewel of an individual that has experience in Nevada with at least Licensed GP status with a primary focus on Holistic healing. We need that interface with main stream medical. We have the capability of having our own airport after maintenance & repairs which we will notify FAA to re-open it for use. And will be used for medical emergencies. This individual will need to able to provide a report that will help design our own medical center with a primary focus on Holistic healing given the proper financial parameters and comparison/competitive remarks regarding main stream healing practices. Subject data of healing practices will be recorded. However, all privacy requests will always remain.

We will be making mention of the many healing modalities through out the life span of Flower of Life Assembly. Hemp & Cannabis are making headlines now, but I can assure you there are many more. Our Motto of Wellbeing Supersedes All will also be become realized as we construct Coaldale.


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Please check out, “The Overview – Financing the Entire Project”