Flower of Life Assembly – Wellbeing Supersedes All Else – We Free People are Eternal

Flower of Life Assembly

Flower of Life Assembly assembles in Peace
We live our lives in the jurisdiction of (Life, Truth, Peace, Love(friendship),  and Harmony)


Select a Standard of behavior that is the most ethical

I believe in this day in age, most people would choose this next video as their standard of behavior.

It automatically takes you out of the jurisdiction of war into the jurisdiction of peace.

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Develop a Healthy Community Code which goes beyond
any notion having to do it because of perceived law


Choose a law system that serves you

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The site of the “Flower of Life Assembly

The following is only one example


 Assembly Court Jury County-State-Nation circles slide 2013-01-01

 Please review

Pre Mission Statement Categories & Outline


The Overview – Financing the Entire Project

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